Our costs and prices for Mobile Homes, Park Homes and Log Cabin Kit Price relates to unit as detailed in the details below.

Where applicable VAT will be charged at the current

rate (On residential supply only contracts, VAT will be payable at each payment stage). If appointed, we will make available to you our tax and BACS information so payment can be made.

At our discretion, we will employ the services of a Setting Out Engineer to electronically survey the slab on its completion. The cost of this service will be covered in the cost of our quotation. We will then export the resulting survey information into our computer system and we will be able to overlay the ‘as built’ survey with the target layout. This will highlight any anomalies, which we can endeavour to counter at an early stage so that there are no surprises when the timber frame kit arrives on site.

A sign off will be required by the Client / Main Contractor’s authorised agent to accept the positioning of the soleplates on the slab / base. Our erectors will lay down the soleplates in accordance to our drawings, and they will “justify them” on the slab / base to gain optimum position. Responsibility for their final position to be fixed will of Client / Main Contractor.

We will require various ground floor walls to become load bearing and where applicable in addition we will require foundations to receive pointloads. Our requirements will supersede any Architectural drawings and we suggest that work does not commence on site until this issue is concluded in writing. We reserve the right to charge for any drawing / fabrication works that become necessary due to the positioning of foundations on site not complying with our drawings and necessitating us to make last minute changes.

On payment of the design fee we will create a Three Dimensional Computer Model using the information from your Architect. This will be available for you to view if you wish and will give you one opportunity to make any amendments to room sizes etc. From this model we will subsequently manufacture the house. Once our computer model has been created, any client changes that subsequently are requested will be subject to drawing charges at current rates.

As previously mentioned, we have assumed that our package can be delivered and unloaded using a Hiab off loader and that access to the site is good. Please make us aware of any local knowledge that will have a financial effect on our delivery i.e. weight restrictions, low bridges etc.

We will fabricate package in accordance to details indicated within drawings noted. If we encounter material procurement difficulties we reserve the right to substitute components for equal or better if necessary.

The majority of pre-made items supplied will be photographed for both quality control and record purposes. We reserve the right to use these photographs as proof of manufacture / delivery.

It is our standard policy to shrink wrap as many of the components as is practical in order to protect them from the weather. When you issue us an instruction to commence fabrication we will at that stage agree a delivery date. We will store the finished package in our yard for a period of two weeks beyond the agreed delivery date without charge.

Please note that generally we will use our standard materials, which will supersede any information that is noted on the tender drawings. Our Structural Engineers will calculate all the structural materials. However, before we commence our drawing works we will assess with your designer any materials that cannot be changed from an aesthetic viewpoint.

It is assumed that we will be fixing our timber frame to a level concrete base, which has been installed by others.

It is assumed that all sound and fireproofing is be the responsibility of the Main Contractor/Client. We will install our partition and flooring works in accordance with the robust details, to receive soundproofing and fireproofing by others.

We will manufacture to the design and dimensions detailed in the drawings noted above. If the Client/Architect makes any subsequent deviations from these drawings, we reserve the right to re-price the project. We also reserve the right to alter Architects dimensions where necessary to achieve compatibility with our standard materials.

We will manufacture the Timber Frame Structure using window and door schedules supplied to us by the Main Contractor/Client. Where no window/door schedule is supplied we will assume the dimensions from the Architects drawings. We will assume that installation tolerance has been allowed on all the aperture sizes we are given.

No allowance has been made for the design or construction of any item that is not specifically related to the Timber Frame Structure. We will supply all structural members (either of steel or timber beam) that are required to support the inner skin/actual timber frame structure. We do not take responsibility for supporting brickwork for the outer skin unless a particular arrangement has been made. Please advise if there is any requirement for steelwork to support masonry.

Once we have completed our supply contract and full remittance has been made, we will supply you with two sets of Structural Calculations (relevant to the Timber Frame Structure only) for your submission to the Local Authority. If an NHBC design certificate is required, please notify us and we will obtain one from a registered Structural Engineering body.

All external panels will be of 140mm vac-vac treated softwood, clad with 9mm plywood to requirements of BS EN 300-1997.

All internal partitions will be of 89mm CLS with mid height noggins to give added rigidity. We will ensure that in all vertical junctions allowance is made so that plasterboard can be fixed.

The joist construction will be fabricated using patent engineered posi joists in accordance with robust details. We will supply all the ancillary items that are required for the floor construction.

Flooring for intermediate joists will be 22mm PFB board. (This is flooring with a resin coating to resist moisture). This will be glued and nailed to the top surface of the joists. All flooring will comply fully with BS EN 312.

Trusses where applicable will be designed and fabricated to comply with BS 5268 – 3:1998. Allowance has been made for trusses to be treated.

Generally, the roof structure will be fabricated using timber/steel members Engineered to suit the design. Allowance has been made for these timbers to be treated where practicable.

We will supply the following fixings: – joist hangers, truss clips, restraint straps, carcassing nails and soleplate fastenings that are required to install the timber frame to our Engineers Specification. Our Structural Engineers will specify all of the structural timber sizes and their spacing. This detailing will supersede the Architects previous structural suggestions.

It is assumed that all the works will be completed within one continuous visit. Any re-visits that are required due to on site deficiencies i.e. scaffold will be subject to additional charges at usual day work rates.

No items delivered as part of our package are to be used for any other purpose by the Client/Main Contractor. On delivery you will be issued will a materials list, which will indicate what is included within our package. It is assumed that the Client/Main Contractor will be responsible for replacing any materials that are stolen or vandalised within our package whilst on site. If we are asked to source these replacement materials, we are not responsible for any scheduling delays.

No allowance has been made for fascia, bargeboard, soffitt, exterior cladding, counter battens, ventilation or insulation products. We assume that fascia / soffitt will be installed using a specialist contractor.

Our works will be complete when the building is erected to a stage where the building is in readiness for the installation of fascia and soffitt by others. Our erectors will present a Form of Satisfaction to your site manager who will then need to sign off the Timber Frame element. Any defects need to be notified at this stage. The Client/Main Contractor must take care that erectors will not be delayed or stopped by missing scaffolding or masonry.

We are not responsible for the supply or installation of scaffolding of any nature, whether it is Tower Scaffold for the interior of the building or Fixed Scaffold for the exterior. It is the Main Contractor/Client responsibility to ensure that the scaffolding with ladders is provided at the necessary stages to comply fully with current Health and Safety legislation. Please note that scaffold delays may result in the timber frame erectors withdrawing from site if their works are being delayed.

In the situations where we are supplying patent materials i.e. Cellotex, we accept no responsibility for any manufacturer’s availability delays which, would be beyond our control.

Delivery of our frame does not form the essence of our contract. However we will ensure that we deliver the package on time but we cannot be held responsible for matters arising beyond our control. When these circumstances arise we will keep you fully notified. We take no responsibility for any knock on costs caused by delays to the delivery.

Our required payment terms are as follows:

• Payment 1: We will require a sum of £3000.00 to initiate the design/drawing works. This will enable to commence the construction of the computer three-dimensional model.
• Payment 2: 20% deposit minus the initial fee.
• Payment 3: 50% ten days before delivery or collection.
• Payment 4: 20% on delivery or collection.
• Payment 5: 10% on practical completion of the timber frame erection.

A copy of our Conditions of Sale is enclosed and Attendance requirement list will be made available to you, if you wish to proceed with this matter.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01392 411211 or Pete Doman on 07966 448837.

Yours sincerely

Pete Doman
E. & O.E.

Inclusions list
This list indicates what is included within your package (If applicable). Any items left blank indicate non-supply.